BRAWA uses direct and alternating current

All BRAWA locomotives in H0 gauge are available for direct and alternating current, and drive smoothly on all common track systems. This results in even greater choice for model railway fans because our range includes numerous models that are not available anywhere else. Trueness to the original – right down to the details


High quality, superior tractive force, exquisite details

We combine premium materials with meticulous workmanship to ensure the highest quality. Our locomotives are predominantly made from die-cast zinc. As a result, they feel reassuringly heavy in the hand, sit firmly on the tracks and therefore excel in terms of tractive force and robustness. BRAWA AC locomotives are factory fitted with a high-quality digital decoder.


For instance, the boiler, locomotive chassis, platform walkway, tender housing, spoke wheels and coupling rods are made from die-cast zinc on the majority of our steam locomotives. Powerful motors and the interaction with the gear unit give the locomotives superior tractive force and true-to-original driving characteristics. Furthermore, the weight of the locomotive and the good rest of the wheels as a result of the three-point suspension contribute to the high tractive force. Our models are extremely appealing thanks to their high level of detailing – specially mounted handlebars and steps are only some of the parts that make up our BRAWA locomotives, each of which may include up to 1,000 individual components.


Whisper-quiet models cruising perfectly

Some AC locomotives clatter along the tracks rather loudly. The primary source of this noise is the central pick up shoe on the underside of the locomotive, which draws power via the track nubs. By contrast, BRAWA locomotives are wonderfully quiet thanks to the Silencio alternating current pick up shoe. Produced using thin phosphorus bronze steel and nickel-plated, it audibly reduces the rattling and ensures a pleasantly quiet travelling noise. Our pick up shoe is also available for retrofitting to all AC locomotives (Order-No. 2225).