BRAWA Banner Downloads


Do you want to integrate a link to the BRAWA website on your own website? We can provide you with the banners you need to do this in various sizes. Simply choose the size you prefer. There are two options for downloading the banner. You can either click on the right mouse key to download the banner in original format or use the download link to download it as a zip file. If you choose the zip file option, all you have to do is unzip it after downloading.


Animated Brawa Banner

156 x 60 Pixel

Downloadlink [zipped GIF; 13 KB]


Animated Brawa Banner

234 x 60 Pixel

Downloadlink  [zipped GIF; 13 KB]


Static Brawa Banner

468 x 60 Pixel

Downloadlink  [zipped GIF; 4 KB]