Holding a new locomotive or a new car in your hands and putting it on your own tracks is ranking among the most exciting moments of a modelrailway fan. Let‘s look positively into the future and use the time for a few extra laps on the model railway. For this very reason we present further new models of the tank car Uerdingen 30m3. The best thing is you can start right now – all cars are already available!


The BRAWA models of the Tank Car Z [P] are equipped with numerous details like extra brake systems, brake shoes in wheel plane, extra mounted steps and finest paintwork and printing.

Item no. 50001

Tank Car Z [P] "WIFO" DRG

Road no. 921 088 [P], Ep. II

RRP: 35,90 €
Item no. 50005

Tank Car Z [P] "Esso" DB

Road no. 21 80 000 2 682-1 [P], Ep. IV

RRP: 35,90 €
Item no. 50010

Tank Car Z [P] "IVG" DB

Road no. 5 593 879 [P], Ep. III

RRP: 35,90 €
Item no. 50011

Tank Car Z [P] "TEXACO" DB

Road no. 21 80 000 1 385-2 [P], Ep. IV

RRP: 35,90 €

Special Action Tank Car Uerdingen


Product recommendations

With the BR 103 models, BRAWA offers you diesel locomotives that not only match the tank cars true to the original, but were also chosen "Model of the Year 2019" by the readers of eisenbahn magazin.

Item no. 41642 - 41644

Diesel Locomotive V36 DB,

Road no. V36 102, Ep. III

Item no. 41608 - 41610

Diesel Locomotive BR236 DB

Road no. 236 110-3, Ep. IV

Item no. 41646 - 41649

Diesel Locomotive 236 DB

Road no. 236 105-3, Ep. IV

Item no. 41612

Diesel Locomotive BR103 DR,

Road no. 103 016-2, Ep. IV

Item no. 41650 + 41652

Diesel Locomotive V36 DR,

Road no. V36 023, Ep. III


RPP: Recommended retail price (incl. 19 % VAT), prices are subject to change. Subject to modifications in design and shape. Colour deviations are possible.

DB, DRG, Esso, IVG, TEXACO and WIFO are registered trademarks.