Following the models of the new mould tank cars, the next BRAWA models are approaching: Four new BRAWA freight cars with great prints – true to the original. The best thing is, all cars are already available!


The BRAWA models of the freight cars are equipped with numerous details like individually mounted axle box cover, NEM-standard short-coupling, multi-part brake system with brake shoes in wheel plane, precise replica of board joints and finest paintwork and printing.


We hope you enjoy exploring!

Item no. 47983

Freight Car Oppeln "Magirus" DB

Road no. 220 511, Ep. III

RRP: 39,90 €
Item no. 47988

Freight Car "Anker Brot" ÖBB

Road no. 140 792, Ep. III

RRP: 39,90 €
Item no. 49806

Freight Car Kuwf "Champagne Mercier" A.L.

Road no. 500390, Ep. II

RRP: 39,90 €
Item no. 49799

Freight Car G10 "Glückauf Brauerei Gelsenkirchen" K.P.E.V.,

Road no. 600 107, Ep. II

RRP: 39,90 €

New BRAWA Freight Cars Gauge H0


RPP: Recommended retail price (incl. 19 % VAT), prices are subject to change. Subject to modifications in design and shape. Colour deviations are possible.


Anker Brot, Champagne Mercier, DB, Glückauf Brauerei Gelsenkirchen and Magirus are registered trademarks.