The new BRAWA Product Overviews are available right now!


BRAWA Product Overviews 2019/2020 – now available from your specialist dealer

With the current product overviews, BRAWA now offers you a complete roundup of all locomotives, passenger coaches and goods wagons. Due to a new layout and separation according to gauge, our printed material is much more compact, which benefits you.


The issues for H0 gauge and N gauge are published annually and replace the main catalogue, which was previously reissued every two years. In addition, the accessories catalogue offers you a complete overview of all accessory products in gauges H0 and N.


And in addition to the new product overviews, the BRAWA New Items Brochure will of course be published at the beginning of each year as usual.


Detailed information on the individual models can be found here on our website, which also offers you numerous other options, from product-specific downloads to videos and sound files through to recommendations for putting together train combinations in a historically accurate manner.


The new BRAWA Product Overviews for H0 and N, as well as the new accessories catalogue for both gauges, are now available from your specialist dealer. You can also can get PDF files of the Product Overviews.