Welcome to a brand-new issue of the BRAWA News Express!

In the actual issue of the News Express, BRAWA presents 8 brand-new models in the gauges H0 and N which are not in the New Items Brochure 2022. The special thing about the News Express is that the models will be delivered to the stores in the near future.


Further information and details about the models are available on the relevant product pages. You can download the actual issue of the News Express here and on our download page. We hope you enjoy discovering the numerous details.


For bulk cargo and part loads. And lovers of Detail.

For the transport of moisture-sensitive goods, such as lime, the railways introduced so-called “Lidded Freight Cars” in various designs from a very early stage. The freight car had the short 4 m wheel base that was typical for this period and had a maximum load of 17.5 t. In order to withstand this weight, the side panels and hinge lid were strengthened with prominent crossed beads.


The BRAWA models of the freight cars come as a true-to-scale reproduction of the standardised Lidded Freight Cars with fine engravings and rivets, axle holder made of metal, and extra brake systems.

Item no. 50548

Lidded Freight Car K25 DB

Road no. 341 740, Ep. III

Delivery date: end of Q4/2022

RRP: 49,90 €
Item no. 50550

Lidded Freight Car K DR

Road no. 21-07-43, Ep. III

Delivery date: end of Q4/2022

RRP: 49,90 €


Limited Special Model "Christmas 2022"

Nuremberg gingerbread is a world-famous specialty. They go back to Frankish monks who have been making this special pastry since the 14th century. The first known document entry of a gingerbread maker dates back to 1395. At that time, Nuremberg was an important point on various trade routes. In this way, many foreign spices such as allspice, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon found their way into the city. As well as rare ingredients such as almonds. In addition, there was a well-functioning beekeeper in the nearby Lorenzer Reichswald, which also ensured the supply of honey.


The BRAWA Freight Car "Lebkuchen-Schmidt" is coming to specialty stores as a limited special model with numerous details:


  • Metal axle brake frame
  • Brake shoes in wheel plane
  • Extra bearing collars
  • Separately mounted U-profile as coach body supports
  • NEM-standard short-coupling
  • Tip bearing wheelsets
  • Extra mounted steps
  • Separately mounted brake unit on the car bottom


The delivery to the specialized trade already takes place at the end of October 2022.

Item no. 49870

Covered Freight Car G10 „Lebkuchen-Schmidt“ DB

Road no. 125 627, Ep. III

Delivery date: end of October 2022

RRP: 43,90 €

Soon on your Railroad Tracks. With many details.

The international railway association UIC incorporated two refrigerated cars in its proposals for standardised car construction types. The Standard 1 (St.1) has today become the most common refrigerated car. The national railway in Greece, Morocco, Italy, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Belgium purchased ST. 1 refrigerated cars. Private St. 1 cars belonging to the Interfrigo Company were also operated on the Deutsche Bundesbahn network. Meat companies, breweries and food retail chains took these cars out of service. A total of around 6.500 cars were built.


The BRAWA models of the refrigerator cars are faithfully reproduced with extra mounted steps and handrails, fine paintwork and printing, multi-part brake system in wheel plane and wheelsets in toe bearing.



Item no. 48340

Refrigerator Car UIC Standard 1 "STEF" SNCF

Road no. 11 87 082 7 060-8 [P], Ep. IV

Delivery date: end of Q4/2022

RRP: 49,90 €
Item no. 50025

Refrigerator Car UIC Standard 1 Ibces "Transthermos

Kühlverkehr" DB, Road no. 11 80 083 0 025-3 [P], Ep. IV

Delivery date: end of Q4/2022

RRP: 43,90 €

This details should stir things up quite a bit...

Together with Waggon Union, Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) developed a new twin-axle container wagon for powdered goods with two standing containers. Westwagon delivered the first 10 wagons to DB for testing in 1953. As they still had a Hik-brake system, these were designated as Kd 54. In addition, they featured a double-hook drive, as did the 150 wagons that followed from Talbot and Westwaggon. Since this led to problems associated with the unique undercarriage construction, all subsequent deliveries were equipped with running gear with single hooks. After only 50 carriages, the container volume was increased to 2 x 13.5 m³. These carriages proved themselves with aplomb – by 1965, a total of 1,232 Kds 54 had been purchased.


For lighter powdered goods, 1293 Kds 56 units with 2 x 17.5 m³ containers were built in parallel. The extra volume of 4 m³ resulted in larger containers and wagons that were correspondingly taller. To secure the parked wagons, some of the Kds 54/56 were equipped with a handbrake that could be operated from the platform. Unlike DB’s other newly constructed freight cars, whose hand-brake platforms were bolted to the undercarriage, they were directly integrated on these vehicles. In this way, the length over buffers of wagons equipped in such a manner remained unchanged and only the dead weight was increased. Compared with the total number of more than 2,500 wagons built, Kds 54/56 wagons equipped with a handbrake were comparatively rare.


With the introduction of the 12-digit UIC number, the Kds 54 wagons were redesignated as Ucs 908, and the Kds 56 as Ucs 909. For many years, both types formed the backbone of the Deutsche Bahn’s powder wagon stock. The first reductions in stock occurred in 1967 when 86 wagons were sold. Further sales to EVA and VTG followed in later years. In the 1990s, DB AG relocated most of its wagons to its subsidiary MEG. The remaining DB AG wagons were mostly rented out or used, for example, for the internal transport of traction sand for tractive units. Other than cement, the wagons have also been used to transport several other powdered goods over the years. These include: stone dust, silica sand, kieserite, gypsum, sodium sulphate, Thomas sulphate, sugar, salt and aluminium hydroxide. The wagons were then generally home-based at a railway station.


The BRAWA model of the container car features numerous details such as brake shoes in wheel plane, extra mounted steps, separately mounted container cover and valves, and extra mounted axle brake rod and brake system.

Item no. 50578

Container Car Ucs909 „Heidelberger Zement“ DB

Road no. 44 80 910 6 107-8 [P], Ep. IV

Delivery date: end of Q4/2022

RRP: 42,50 €


Small Gauge. Biggest Details.

With the Novelty Express, BRAWA brings you the DR Diesel Locomotive BR 132 and the Covered Freight Car Kuwf "Champagne Mercier" A.L. in N scale. Both models are faithfully reproduced with a lot of details - the best reasons to celebrate!

Picture shows H0 model
Item no. 61040

Diesel Locomotive BR 132 DR

Road no. 132 166-0, Ep. IV

Delivery date: end of Q4/2022

RRP: 180,90 €
Item no. 61041

Diesel Locomotive BR 132 DR

With built-in sound and decoder from Doehler & Haass

Road no. 132 166-0, Ep. IV

Delivery date: end of Q4/2022

RRP: 299,90 €
Picture shows H0 model
Item no. 67499

Covered Freight Car Kuwf "Champagne Mercier" A.L.

Road no. 500.390, Ep. II

Delivery date: end of Q4/2022

RRP: 40,90 €

RPP: Recommended retail price (incl. 19 % VAT), prices are subject to change. Subject to modifications in design and shape. Colour deviations are possible.


Champagne Mercier, Heidelberger Zement, Lebkuchen-Schmidt, STEF and Transthermos Kühlverkehr are registered trademarks.