Era designation VI
ÖBB, Ep. IV + V
New 2020

Electric Railcar BR 4024 ÖBB

Road no.: 94 81 4124 029-1

Item no. 44262
Direct current Analogue BASIC+
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Item no. 44264
Direct current Digital EXTRA
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Decoder Doehler & Haass
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Item no. 44265
Alternating current Digital EXTRA
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Decoder Doehler & Haass
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Direct current Analogue BASIC+

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Direct current Digital EXTRA

Loksound eingebaut

Decoder Doehler & Haass

Alternating current Digital EXTRA

Length over buffer in mm

Navigable minimum radius 360 mm


Locomotive has flywheel drive

Triple headlights and two red taillights alternating with the direction of travel

With interior fittings

With interior lighting

The model has a coupler pocket but no short coupling cinematic


Model details

  • Pickup shoe changeover in analog and digital operation
  • Extended interface (26-pin for analog pickup shoe changeover), PluX22 interface located in the middle
  • Analog slide switches on the printed circuit board to switch off the lights at the end of the power heads
  • Precise printing and lacquering
  • True-to-original roof fitting
  • Bogie with many extra mounted parts
  • Engraved bellows
  • Engraved buttons and doors
  • Revised gear
  • Many extra mounted details, also on the roof
  • Extra mounted snowploug


Different kind of light (not all functions available in analog mode):

  • Illuminated destination indicator
  • Emergency lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Drivers cabin lighting
  • Light change white/red and Long-distance headlights



Overview of technical functions

Driving function
Light change
Driver cabin lighting 1)
Passenger compartment lighting
Shunting lights 1)
Long-distance headlights 1)
Destination indicator and emergency lighting
Digital interfacePluX22 (26-pole analog dummy plug)PluX22PluX22

1) function only available in digital mode


Info about the original

The four-part Talents of the 4024 class are put to use in the S-Bahn in the Austrian capital, Vienna. The trains have a total length of 66.87 m, and the engines have a combined output of 1,520 kW. Electric propulsion was also considered in the construction of the power cars in the Talent family. The österreichische Bundesbahnen ÖBB is the first railroad company to make use of this option. The ÖBB ordered Talents in two versions: the three-part power trains of the 4023 class and the four-part version as the 4024 class. So far a total of 111 engine cars have been ordered. Some of them are also used in routes to neighbouring countries, such as to Germany.


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