Era designation VI
In contrast to the picture, article 48104 is loaded with two 40"-containers. Not with four 20"-containers.

Container Car Sffggmrrss DB

Road no.: 33 68 490 9 883-3

Item no. 48104
Sold out
Vehicle predominatly in metal

Length over buffer in mm

The model has a coupler pocket and short coupling cinematic

Replacement wheel set for AC


Model details

  • All parts are mounted
  • True-to-original connection drawbar
  • Brake pipes assembled with steel profiles
  • Multi-part brake system (visible from above)
  • Individually mounted aggregates at the chassis
  • Handles and steps in lower-density material
  • Conduction in steel wire
  • Detailed bogie
  • Precise printing
  • Many extra mounted parts
  • Open frame

Info about the original

The Ahaus-Alstätter-Eisenbahn AAE, a private railway near the Dutch border has recently made a name for itself as a car hire company. AAE now owns more than 11 000 freight cars. One of AAE'S major areas of concentration is the hiring of cars for container traffic. In addition to the 4 and 6-axle cars, it also has 8-axle low-platform units "megafret" on stock. The "megafret" cars are 8-axle units comprising two 4-axle cars which are tightly coupled and which cannot be separated when in operation. They have a low loading surface of 825 mm above the upper rail level, so that even the new "High-cube" containers can be transported.