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Era designation V
New mould 2017
Replica of the original: H. Eidelst, Slg. S. Carstens

Open Freight Car Fcs 092 DB AG

Road no.: 01 80 646 1 787-3

Item no. 49502
Length over buffer in mm

The model has a coupler pocket and short coupling cinematic

Replacement wheel set for AC


Model details

  • Wheelsets in toe bearing
  • Bogie with three-point support
  • Originally reproduced, three-dimensional frame body
  • Individually mounted axle box cover
  • Brake blocks in wheel plane
  • Extra mounted handrails and steps
  • Extra mounted axle brake frame
  • Extra braking system
  • NEM close coupling

Info about the original

In order to achieve a larger loading space of 40 m3, the undercarriage and the wheel base of the previous Otmm wagons were extended by 500 mm. The first of these wagons with a capacity of 40 m3 was built by the Paderborn railway repair shop on a trial basis in 1961. The design stood the test, and so the railway repair shops of Kaiserslautern and Weiden built more than 16,000 Otmm 70/Ed 090 wagons between 1961 and 1970, also using profiles of old but usable Omm 37 wagons. The wagons - referred to as Fc 090 from 1980 onwards - ran as single wagons and in block trains with bulk goods of all kinds. A shortage of hinged roof wagons led to the fact that they were also covered with tarpaulins and used for the transport of cereals. Consequently, 1,500 wagons were equipped with hinged roofs in 1978/79 and referred to as Tdgs-z 932. Many other wagons received a load alteration switchover and were referred to as Fcs 090 or, after being adapted for further operation from 1991 onwards, as Fcs 092. In 1994, the DB AG took over even more than 8,500 Fc(s) 090 wagons which were decommissioned until 2007. In 2012, around 2,600 of the Fcs 092 wagons were still in service, another 786 wagons were used as Fcs-x 092 in coal transport.


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