Dedication to detail is more than just a motto

Our philosohpy

Dedication to detail is our philosophy

Not only are our models based on the originals, we also make every effort to ensure that they are perfect replicas of the originals. BRAWA fans are delighted with the precise scale of our models and the abundance of fascinating details that they incorporate. For example, they feature individually mounted handles and sharp printing.

Dedication to detail also applies to the technology. Powerful engines and precise drive units give our locomotives running properties that precisely reflect those of the originals. High-quality materials and sophisticated technology, such as sound generators, round off the model railway experience.

Dedication to detail right from day one. Every new product that we develop reflects our commitment to creating a perfect replica. That's why our model development projects always start out with meticulous research. We take measurements and photograph the original, and we study the original construction plans.

BRAWA makes locomotives for direct and alternating current. The range of models includes locomotives, cars and accessories for 0, H0 and N gauge tracks. BRAWA has been setting new IIm gauge standards of precise scale since 2005, and it has conquered the hearts of garden railway fans.

Long-term dedication to detail. Our generous service concept also contributes to ensuring that you can enjoy your BRAWA models for a long time to come. We hold a comprehensive range of replacement parts in stock and our customers are able to order. We also operate a customer hotline from Monday to Thursday, 1 p.m.–3 p.m., at +49 (0)7151 9793568.

"Trueness to the original” runs in the family

Founded in 1948 by Artur Braun, our medium-sized business is today jointly managed by the second and third generations of the Braun family: Günter Braun, son of the founder, and his daughter Katrin Braun are the company's managing partners.

A family steering a course into the future

At BRAWA, continuity and sustainable thinking and action - as the particular strengths of a family business - have a double impact. Changes are carefully considered and strategic decisions taken on the basis of a long-term vision, thus enabling the company to respond quickly and deliberately to the demands of the market. In addition, cross-generation collaboration ensures a vibrant coexistence of tradition and innovation.

In short, our future course is set and all signals are pointing towards continuity and growth. Our presence at our site in Remshalden shows our commitment to this area and highlights the sustainable nature of our company's location in the region. Sustainability is, as it were, an intrinsic value of our family business.

Pioneering corporate culture

During our company's 70-year history, a corporate culture has evolved that is supported by traditional values such as openness, partnership, fairness and quality awareness. These values determine the long-term course of our family enterprise, shaping both the way we deal with our business partners and interact with each other within the company. Our open communication culture prevents one-track thinking and ensures we are always steaming ahead with unique new projects.

"Attention to detail", the promise of the BRAWA brand, applies to every job and every individual action within our company. Our passion, expertise and intelligent ideas enable us to create a product range that consistently raises the bar in the model railway world. Our partnership-based cooperation with retailers also benefits model train enthusiasts in a number of ways - for example, via specialist advice, product certificates and "meet the experts" events - and our open approach facilitates clear and honest communication.