50983 - Gedeckter Güterwagen Tnfhs38 "Holsten-Bier" DB
Special model
New 2024

Covered Freight Car Tnfhs38 "Holsten-Bier" DB

Road no.: 579 013 [P]

Item no: 50983
Delivery date: Q3/2024
lüp: 139.1
Length over buffer in mm
kurzkupplungskinematik: 1
The model has a coupler pocket and short coupling cinematic
ac radsatz: 2187
Replacement wheel set for AC

Model details

  • Axle brake frame with brake blocks in wheel plane
  • Individually mounted brake systems
  • Individually mounted handle bars
  • Individually mounted wheelchocks
  • Individually mounted steps
  • NEM-standard short-coupling
  • Metal wheels
  • True to original frame construction
  • Wheelsets with inside contours
  • Perforated car body supports
  • True to original construction differences

Holsten-Bier is a registered trademark.

Info about the original

In 1942, Tnf Berlin (Tnfs38) came into being as a simplified refrigerator car. The basic design was provided by the Glmhs Dresden, as a welded version. In contrast to these, the refrigerator cars were given 300 mm thick insulation and zinc plate inner lining in order to protect the internal wood cladding against moisture penetration. In order to ensure that the doors sealed completely, the double-leaf revolving doors were replaced with sliding doors. However, the most significant change was the vertical panelling combined with the typical white paint of the refrigerator cars. From the mid-1950s onwards, the German Federal Railway (DB) carried out several design modifications and modernisation work on the coaches it had acquired. The maintenance-intensive wheelsets with slide bearings were replaced with roller bearings; car bodies were rebuilt with the same design if their insulating properties were inadequate. As a result, the coaches retained their main dimensions; however, the eye-catching car body frame was now hidden under horizontal panelling, and later even under laminated wood panelling. New refrigerator car developments at DB made it possible for private breweries to purchase a variety of cars from DB and use them for transporting their beer. Since these were private cars belonging to specific breweries, in most cases they were decorated with the company’s own advertising.

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