50894 - Zugset Höllentalbahn DB, 5-teilig
Special model
New 2024

Train Set "Höllentalbahn" DB, Set of 5

Road no.: siehe unten / see below

Item no: 50894
motorisierung/system: 1 DC ana b+
Direct current Analogue BASIC+
loksound: 2 vorbereitet
Prepared for locomotive sound
Delivery date: Q3/2024
Item no: 50895
motorisierung/system: 3 DC dig ex
Direct current Digital EXTRA
loksound: 1 eingebaut
Integrated locomotive sound
decoderdoehlerhaass: 1
Decoder Doehler & Haass
Delivery date: Q3/2024
Item no: 50896
motorisierung/system: 2 AC dig ex
Alternating current Digital EXTRA
loksound: 1 eingebaut
Integrated locomotive sound
decoderdoehlerhaass: 1
Decoder Doehler & Haass
Delivery date: Q3/2024
radius: 360
Navigable minimum radius 360 mm
(allgemein) schnittstelle: 2 PluX22
(allgemein) haftreifen: 2
2 wheels with fiction tyres
schwungmasse: 1
Locomotive has flywheel drive
lichtwechsel: 3 Dreilicht-Spitzensignal & zwei rote Schlusslichter in Fahrtrichtung wechselnd
kurzkupplungskinematik: 0
The model has a coupler pocket but no short coupling cinematic

Model details

  • Electric Locomotive BR E44w DB (Road no. E44 176)
  • Passenger Coach ABie-34 DB (Road no. 39 025 Kar)
  • Passenger Coach Bie-33 DB (Road no. 98 083 Kar)
  • Passenger Coach Bie-33 DB (Road no. 98 101 Kar)
  • Luggage Car Pwie-30 DB (Road no. 114 832 Kar)
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Overview of technical functions

Driving function
Light change (white/red)
Upper headlight*
Tail lights separately switchable*
Driver cabin lighting*
Illuminated machine room 
Shunting lights 
Light setting programmable for analogue operation 
Digital interfacePluX22PluX22PluX22
Energy Storage 
Additional information
  • Subsequent conversion from analog to digital via PluX22 interface possible
  • Optimised light control for driving and shunting modes
  • Latest sound technology and excellent sound quality
  • Compatible with and programmable in all common digital systems (DCC, Motorola, SX1 and SX2)
  • Improved motor and load control
  • Range of functions is designed for digital operation. In analog mode, only the driving function and the light change are available.

* In analog mode functions are selectable via switch and in digital mode via function button.

Info about the original

The Höllentalbahn (from Freiburg central station via Neustadt/Schwarzwald to Donaueschingen) rightfully ranks among the most impressive stretches of railway in Germany thanks to its breathtaking route through the narrow Höllental (Hell Valley) with gradients of up to 57.14 per mille. Today, it is deservedly registered as a culturally significant monument in the Southern Upper Rhine region. In 1933, the line was electrified with a voltage of 20kV and a frequency of 50Hz. At the same time, the fleet was modernised with the BR 85 and E 244 locomotives as well as Ci-33 and BCi-34 light branch line carriages. It was not until May 1960 that the voltage was switched to the now standard 15kV at 16²/3 Hz. Consequently, the E 244 was promptly succeeded by the E44w from the Freiburg railway depot. These vehicles provided the electric traction on the Höllentalbahn and also pulled the typical passenger trains that were used on this line, consisting of various standard secondary line coaches.

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