50409 - Gedeckter Güterwagen Gas CFR

Covered Freight Car Gas CFR

Road no.: 11 53 1901 010-0

Item no: 50409
lüp: 189.6
Length over buffer in mm
kurzkupplungskinematik: 1
The model has a coupler pocket and short coupling cinematic
ac radsatz: 2181
Replacement wheel set for AC

Model details

  • Multi-part roof fittings
  • Metal axle holders
  • Bogie with three-point support
  • Individually mounted axle box cover
  • Brake blocks in wheel plane
  • Individually mounted axle brake rod
  • Individually mounted brake systems
  • Perforated car body supports


Info about the original

The Deutsche Bundesbahn did not acquire any four-axle boxcars, unlike the DR where they were an important part of the freight car fleet. The result of developments during the war produced different types of four-axle boxcars which were then produced in large quantities. These developments produced the GGhrsz model from 1966 onwards. These cars were then later designated as Gagmrs-v and then as Gags type code number 1992. The definitive form of the four-axle boxcars of the Deutsche Reichsbahn had finally been identified thanks to this style, which is why the cars were produced in large quantities. The vehicles had a length including buffer of 16.52 m and a loading capacity of 57 t. The body was made up of sheet metal which was welded together and the floor was made out of wood. After the German reunification, these cars were no longer in the communal freight car fleet, but some of them continued to be used as private cars.

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