45772 - Personenwagen Bid DR
New 2024

Passenger Coach Bid DR

Road no.: 340-331

Item no: 45772
lüp: 160
Length over buffer in mm
inneneinrichtung: 1
With interior fittings
(allgemein) innenbeleuchtung (fix oder dyamisch): 5 2205
With interior lighting
kurzkupplungskinematik: 1
The model has a coupler pocket and short coupling cinematic
ac radsatz: 2187
Replacement wheel set for AC
(allgemein) schleifer (dynamisch): 2222
AC pick-up can be retrofitted

Model details

  • Extra mounted steps and handrails in low-material thickness
  • Multi-part brake system with brake shoes in wheel plane
  • Finely detailed strut bracing of impact-resistant plastic


Info about the original

A vast number of Cid 21 passenger coaches came to the DB after the second world war. The DB couldn’t do without this relatively new coach and put it into passenger services throughout Germany. When third class coaches were abolished in 1956, the Cid coaches were upgraded to second class and used from that time on with the designation Bid 21. Passengers paid for the comfort of the fourth class coach, which was abolished in 1928, with a new second class ticket.

Optional accessories

2222 - Wechselstromschleifer
AC Pick-up
2205 - Beleuchtungsplatine für Personenwagen Cid21
Lighting Board for Passenger Coaches Cid21
2187 - Scheibenradsatz in Spitzenlagerung, Achslänge 23 mm
Disk Wheels in toe bearing, axle length 23 mm

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