50892 - Durchgangszug-Set D 1050 DR, 6-teilig
Special model

Through Train Set D 1050 DR, 6-unit

Road no.: siehe unten / see below

Item no: 50892
motorisierung/system: 1 DC ana b+
Direct current Analogue BASIC+
loksound: 2 vorbereitet
Prepared for locomotive sound
Item no: 50893
motorisierung/system: 3 DC dig ex
Direct current Digital EXTRA
loksound: 1 eingebaut
Integrated locomotive sound
decoderdoehlerhaass: 1
Decoder Doehler & Haass
inneneinrichtung: 1
With interior fittings
(allgemein) innenbeleuchtung (fix oder dyamisch): 1 2212
With interior lighting
kurzkupplungskinematik: 1
The model has a coupler pocket and short coupling cinematic

Model details

  • Electric Locomotive BR 211 (Road no. 211 080-7)
  • Luggage Car (Road no. 57 50 82-15 025-2)
  • Dining Car WRg (Road no. 51 50 88-15 041-9)
  • 2 x Passenger Coach Bmh (Road no. 50 50 21-12 062-9 / 50 50 21-12 063-7)
  • Mail Car (Road no. 50 50 00-10 456-0)
  • Passenger Coach (Order no. 50797) is a suitable add-on car for the BRAWA D 1050 train set.

Overview of technical functions

Ellok BR 211

Driving function
Light change
Tail lights separately switchable 1)
Driver cabin lighting 1)
Shunting lights 1)
Digital interfacePluX22PluX22

1) Function only available in digital mode

All coaches without lighting and decoder.


Info about the original

In order to make daily journeys from the larger urban centres to the capital easier, the East German Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) introduced a city express service to Berlin at the end of 1960. These connections, designed as through trains, had fewer stops compared to normal D trains, which resulted in shorter journey times. Each morning, the city express train – originally designated as the D 150, and from 1975 onwards as the D 1050 – travelled conveniently from Meiningen to Berlin-Schöneweide via Suhl, Erfurt, Weimar, Halle and Berlin-Schönefeld Airport. In the evening, passengers could complete the return journey to Meiningen aboard the D 1057. In both directions, the locomotives were switched from combustion traction (“V traction") to electric traction (“E traction") in Erfurt. Following the timetable change in May 1989, the designation for the city express service was dropped and the last remaining connections were absorbed into the DR’s normal service.

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